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What do you get when you combine professional design practice with illustration, product design, calligraphy and a passion for wine? FountainArts!

"Designing for Wine" has evidently been an integral part of my "design DNA." When I ran my design firm, NIXdesign, I worked with quite a range of "lifestyle brand" clients in the wine/gourmet sector: Oenophilia, celebrity chef Lorena Garcia, master vintner Paul Hobbs, Baywood Cellars, Porter's restaurant, Fowler's Gourmet, Everyday Entrées and many more. I designed and produced everything from brand identities to catalogs, point-of-sale displays, packaging, websites, and videos. As a natural extension of this work, I began to do commissioned illustrations for product licensing on wine bags, serving ware, and paper products that were distributed in major retailers nationally. 


The success of these products led to my being hired to design [and eventually patent] my first product – the Fusion® stemware rack, which I branded and designed the packaging for as well. The Fusion racks were an instant hit because they were, and still are, the only ones on the market. With that project, a new passion was born. In the midst of all the interactive work we were doing at the time, I fell in love with producing something tangible – something that would last and be of practical use.

Subsequently, I had the opportunity to design a signature line of serving ware, which was the genesis of the newly designed line of Wine Country™serving ware featured at FountainArts today.


I named the company after my father's side of the family – "Fountain" has long been part of the family name and perfectly reflects the narrative of "fountain pen, flowing fountain of creativity" and so on. I launched FountainArts in early 2016 and have expanded the lines to include include linens pillows and totes as well as a range of sub-brands:  The Noble Vine Collection®of premium leather items, TasteFULL Notes® apparel, WineNO® wine stain remover and BrewNO® coffee/tea stain remover.


I create all the lettering and artwork by hand and oversee all the production of our products. I've had the pleasure of working with crafts people, chemists, and a host of wonderful partners to create these lines. We are still just getting started and I'm proud of where we've come so far. The FountainArts line can be found in The Biltmore House Winery, Chateau Élan Winery and Resort, The Grove Park Inn, Chateau Morissette, Angus Barn, and many other notable shops and wineries. Most of the items are made in my home state of North Carolina. FountainArts is a reflection of my career experience and my passion for art – and life.

“I care about the way we do business as much as I care about the design and craft that we put into our products.”

Putting Art Into [e]Commerce

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