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Preserving A Legacy: The Anderson Rosenwald School

The Anderson School in  Mars Hill, North Carolina, is one of the original Rosenwald schools constructed in the early part of the century to enable black children to get an education during segregation. Built in 1930, the school is nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. What remains of the building today stands as a legacy and a reminder of the struggle for equal rights – for all humankind. 

I produced this video from source material that my students at Elon University created for their final project. It was done in collaboration with the Conservation Trust for North Carolina in an effort to raise the funds to preserve the Anderson Rosenwald School and surrounding land.


I played some of the music on background tracks, wrote the script, then compiled the video in its entirety. The goal was to help preserve this building as a monument and reminder of rural Black heritage and the Black educational experience.

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